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FROM THE LECTOR: When you’re among faithful brothers and sisters, either way you turn, you’ll find yourself traveling the Holy Highway (Is 35:8).

FROM THE LECTOR: Faith happens behind closed doors late at night when you’re alone!

Some of us are creatures of habit when it comes to self-denial.  We continue on the same path, “giving up” the same things  each year.  Although self-denial is important as a practice, I’ve gotten a little older and a bit more introspective.  I try to think of positive things to do rather than what I want to give up. Here are some of the things on a personal level that I’m going to try: Devote some time each day to reading Scripture.  I’m not going to read whole books or commit to something I can’t achieve, but for 10 minutes each day I’m going to read the Good Book.  I think reading scripture every day is good habit to nurture.

Rather than “giving up” I’m going to try to “give away.”  It doesn’t help anyone…other than me…if I give up chocolate again this year.  But if I give away to the poor, that can have a positive effect on me and on someone else.  God has blessed me with so many material blessings I can afford to part with some.  And that includes money.  I’m determined to be more generous this Lent.

As men of faith let’s take advantage of some of the many program offerings during Lent.  Some of these programs are done diocesan-wide, some at the local parish level, and many councils have special programs for prayer and reflection.  If you are able perhaps you can lead or help lead a program at your council.  I know for me, being involved with other men of faith strengthens me.

As we prepare spiritually for this new liturgical season of Lent, don’t forget the temporal.  Tempus fugit, memento mori!  I am honored to carry on our March arrives and Lent begins on the very next day, March 2.  We all know that Lent is the time of preparation for Easter.  It begins on Ash Wednesday and ends with Holy Thursday.  In order to prepare to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection we are to exercise self-control and self-denial by fasting.  We are encouraged to encounter Christ in the reading of Scripture and we are to serve others by the giving of alms. 

When I was a kid, the “go to” self-denial was giving up chocolate…made those chocolate Easter bunnies most tasty!  I think a lot blessed founder’s vision of protecting Catholic families.

Vivat Jesus!

Yours in Christ

Brandon chambers



God Bless

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Fish Fry Fridays During Lent

Ash Wednesday is on March,2,2022 this year. My hope is that we will be able to put on our fish fry again this year. As of right now our fish fries should be Friday March 4,11,18,25 and April 1 and 8. Barring any more shutdowns from Covid, we should be able to do 6 Fish Fries this year. The Fish Fry will be on the agenda at our January meeting on the 26th at 7pm in St. Joseph’s Hall.

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