Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Council 6891


Brother Knights of Council 6891,


Our sister Council 6191 in Barnwell/Springfield is having trouble keeping their Council going due to reduced membership and participation. The active members left are from St. Theresa’s in Springfield even though the Council was chartered in Barnwell.

I have attached a request from the Grand Knight of Council 9161 to transfer their memberships to our Council 6891 and dissolve their Council. In return our Council 6891 will set up a Knights round table for them so they can still operate and support St. Theresa Catholic Church as they have been doing.

Below is their Grand Knights proposal which their members will vote on:


Greetings 9161 Knights,

My Brothers in Christ, please take a few minutes to read this letter as it contains important information concerning the future of Council 9161 and your membership in this council.

As you know, our council has been struggling with membership for the last five or so years.  This is due in large part of members moving out of the Orangeburg-Springfield area and those of our brothers who are ill and many that have died.  We, we have been trying to function with just a few active members with most of our active members currently serving as Council officers. Recently we have lost our Financial Secretary and have not been able to replace him.

We want to thank Brother Waymon Johnson, who became our Financial Secretary about five years ago which has allowed us to keep functioning as a council.   However, Brother Johnson has resigned and has transferred to the Aiken Council.   The Council has been unable to find a replacement for Waymon.

Not only can we not fill the Financial Secretary position, we do not have enough willing members to fill the six or so needed offices positions.  Because of the lack of active members and the unavailability of new Knights in either St. Teresa’s or St. Andrew’s, the council is considering merging with the Orangeburg council and developing a Roundtable for each of the two churches.  Existing officers have met many times and have discussed this matter with the State K of C officers and have decided that this is our best option.  This allows us to continue our mission as Knights to serve our priest and churches.

Worthy Grand Knight Jerald Whitman of the Orangeburg council has been instrumental in this decision and assures us that he and the Orangeburg council will receive the members of the 9161 council with open arms. Those of you who have moved out of the Orangeburg area, we recommend that you transfer your membership to your local council.

*** In order for this merger to occur, there needs to be a majority vote in favor of the merger. Please e-mail me at jadkwilliams@gmail .com with your vote to merge with the Orangeburg Knights of Columbus Council or your vote not to merge with the Orangeburg council.

If you are unable to do so by email, please text me your vote and please sign your text so that I may know who is voting. 803.645.1120

We current 9161 Officers are sad that this action needed to occur.  The current Officers believe the merger is in the best interest of the Council and our Communities.  We believe this will allow us to continue our service to our Church and Community.  Please vote as soon as possible and send me your vote.   Thank you!

Allen Williams, 9161 Grand Knight


Our Council 6891 needs to vote also to allow them to merge with us. Please email me at jerryw@sc.rr.com or Jerryjwhitman@gmail.com with YES or a NO vote on the merger. Vote YES to approve the merger. Vote NO to disapprove the merger. Please submit your votes before midnight Sunday June 13. If you have any questions call me at 803-347-4566. We hope to get this accomplished by July which is the start of the new calendar year.

I will post this on our new Council website which I am in the process of bringing to life. The website is kofc6891.com. If you get a chance check it out.

Jerry Whitman

GK Council 6891